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Welcome to my website!

Well, it looks like you have stumbled across my website – maybe you know me, maybe you don’t so let me introduce myself.

My name is James and I live in the United Kingdom. By day, I work as a Senior Analyst for a telecommunications company. A Senior Analyst sounds so boring an not discriptive, so what do I do there? Well, I look after various services from ensuring our coporate customer’s mobile data networks, and private APNs are working, to looking after the software which handles viewing bills and allowances for the customers. I also look after our business broadband customers too, but enough about that boring stuff; you came here for me!

I’ve been into computers since I was young; brought up around the Spectrum 48K at a young age, which got me hooked on games such as Chuckie Egg, Transformers, Paper Boy etc. The great thing about the spectrum, is something that modern day gamers do not experience – well, no one since the Atari ST or Amiga days…. Colour Clash – it is when games only had a small amount of colours (from memory, 8 colours at once) and coders would often paint an area of the image with one colour and if the sprite (character) passed it, they would turn that colour too.

Anyway, as the years went on, I bought bigger and better systems and played so many games over the years – my biggest time was sunk into Destiny and Destiny 2 – I think Destiny had about 1600 hours on it, and I have no idea about Destiny 2 as I played it on the PlayStation 4/Pro, Xbox Series X and PC – before you could sync characters across platforms.

What else do I do? Well, I started learning to play guitar when I was about 13 – was never encouraged and was told I was crap by my parents, so I only ever played live once… when I was 16, then never again. To this day, I find it extremely hard to play infront of others. Recently, as in the last few years, I did pick up the accoustic to play some kirtans with a friend, which was good but ultimately, that was it. Oh, I did release two songs as a kinda therapy… you can find them on all major streaming platforms under my name.

As of February 2024, I started taking up archery at a local club, and I am progressing really well. Within 6 weeks, I am shooting at a level usually achieved in 1-2 years!

Anyway, more things to come in time!

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