Well… no photos yet, at least.

Yesterday, Sam @ Gordon Smith messaged me asking about the back of the guitar. He wanted to know how I wanted it painting;

  • Natural Stain, like the neck
  • Translucent coat
  • Solid coat

This had me thinking… how would it look? It is a mahogany back – but how dark is it? Would it look silly to have it as a natural stain? So I replied to say “If you think it will look great with a natural stain, do it – otherwise translucent red would bring out the mahogany. I can’t see what it looks like as it currently is, so can’t make the decision myself. Whatever you think would look best”.

I know; i’m like someone who wants a tattoo and says “I don’t know what I want… you design me something cool!”.

The main thing is that the guitar is now at the staining phase – so I should receive photos next week?

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