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Nether Mill Coarse Fishery

Name: Nether Mill Coarse Fishery
Location: Nether Mill Coarse Fishery, Barnsley Road (A628), Penistone. S36 8AD
Date: Monday 29th August 2016

Another 5am alarm – must be serious! We wanted to get to the site for opening time, which was 7am so we got up, had breakfast and drove off to the site. We have never fished here, so didn’t know what to expect.

The place was easy to find and the facilities are great – proper toilet, snack van (open from 8am to 1pm) – car parking nearby, good roads and a path around the pond.

I selected a peg that was opposite an island, and Julia was the next peg along. All looked great for a good day fishing; sun was out, slight breeze so we were up beat about the day. That soon changed…

The entire day was a let down. Julia caught 2 small bream and that was it. I had zero bites on my carp rod or pole – and I was using some excellent ground bait I made up. It was very depressing. As the day went on, we noticed that out of the 17 rods on the pond, with 13 anglers – no one was catching anything.

It was so peaceful that I managed to doze off and was only woken up by some ducks splashing about in front of me. I walked over to Julia to talk to her about how she was getting on, but when I turned back to my peg I saw a cheeky little chicken eating my corn!

I was talking to the lady on the snack van and she said that it was very busy on Saturday and Sunday – which makes me think that the fish had been caught, so they were recovering and not eating anything.

The highlight of the day… in a macabre way, was the chap across from Julia knocked his entire carp pod into the pond… so 2 rods, 2 alarms etc. He managed to retrieve his rods, but that alarm was gone for good.

When we left, 6 other anglers packed up to go too – and this was 2:30 in the afternoon.

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