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Swillington Park Fishing

Name: Swillington Park Fishing
Lake: Lake 1
Location: Swillington Park Fishing, Garden Cottage, Coach Road, Swillington, Leeds. LS26 8QA
Date: Friday 26th August 2016

Julia and I booked the day off work so we could get some fishing in before the bank holidays kick in. It was a lovely day today and we were going to try out some new things today.

Julia was going to fish using a pole for the first time and I was going to use my carp rod and bite alarm setup. So lots of things to work on. I was also using my pole to fish the margins.

The weather was sunny with a bit of a breeze – not 100% ideal, but it was cool enough for us!

After I helped get Julia set up with her pole, I went on to set up my carp rod. Nice and easy set up here with the alarm set and cast out about 30-40ft. Julia called me over as she got a bite on her pole – but the fish took her whole rig with it. Yes, Middy hadn’t tied the elastic to the pole connectors correctly, so as soon as she caught a carp, the resistance pulled off the pole connector at the top so she lost the entire rig (but kept the elastic!). Yes, my hand made pole rig that I swore over many, many times when attaching the size 10 shot to the line…

I then went and checked my pole and low and behold, it too wasn’t tied correctly, so I got mine out of the water and was about to re-tie it when my alarm went off.

I turned around to my rod after seeing the tip bending like mad, released the clutch so the fish would be fed some line and began the battle of minds and muscle… to which I lost as it broke off the hook line. At least I know how it happened; I was bullying the fish to land it as quickly as possible. Silly me. Lesson learnt. Hey, apart from the Sturgeon I caught the other week, I have never caught a fish that I have had to fight for.

I fixed up my carp rig again, and cast it out with a lead and hair rig (with boilie on it) then went back to securing the elastic on my pole with a double overhand knot. I gave Julia my spare top kit which had red 12-14 elastic on it (which I had installed a few days ago, so I know it was tied fine).

The whole day was quiet. Not much was going on over here other than I got another bite on my carp rod and this time I played the fish until it was ready to come in. It was a beautiful mirror carp.

We had no other catches all day other than another missed fish on Julia’s pole – which snapped the hook line. A bit disappointing, but some days are like this.

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