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Swaithe Farm Fishery

Our alarm went off at some un-Godly hour of 4am today. Why? Because we wanted to get to the pond nice and early. We left our house at about 5am and arrived at Meggy’s (the local name for the pond) just before 6am. It was a sunny but windy – very windy.

It was the first time I was using my new carp rod (Daiwa Black Widow with a Wychwood Riot Big Pit Reel 65, 15lb main line, 12lb hook line with a size 10 Korda Mixa B hair rig – with a 35g weight and a boilie on the hair rig) and my Middy Tackle White Knuckle CX Thriller 8m Pole.

Julia was using a waggler setup with a size 10 Korda Mixa B hair rig.

As soon as I cast out my carp rod, I got a bit – a lovely, big ghost carp! The only problem? I lost it when I was close to landing it. Shame as it was my ONLY bite on that set up all day.

The 2nd cast out I did with it, I had forgotten to clip the reel so I was a little too enthusiastic and catapulted my lead into the reeds on the island which I could not free, so I had to cut the line. Lesson learnt.

We both caught some smaller fish over the course of a few hours until Julia called for me to help her as she had caught a big fish! Naturally, I reeled in my gear and dashed over like the White Knight that I am to help her land her first sturgeon! What a beautiful Triassic fish that really put up a fight. We thought it was massive and strong, so we got it back to the water as quickly as possible. It was about 4lb.

A short while later, I got a bite on my pole… on my size 8 elastic… for the first time ever, I caught a fish that would pull the elastic (usually, I catch small fish which don’t really put up a fight). This fish felt immense. My elastic was fully stretched and it took quite a bit of time to land… in reality, it felt like ages but was probably under 5 minutes.

My landing net was barely big enough to fit the sturgeon into it, but we managed it (with the help of Julia, of course!). It must have been about 11-12lb! My first sturgeon! Both Julia’s and mine were caught using bacon grill!



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